Transfiguration Cathedral

Years of construction-1771-1777

In the historical part of the city of Shadrinsk, on the background of modern buildings, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the first stone building of the city, stands out for its outlines. The cathedral was founded with the blessing of the Bishop of Tobolsk Varlaam according to a project issued by the Tobolsk Spiritual Consistory. The construction was led by the Abbot Adam Arkudinsky, the abbot of the Assumption Dalmatovo Monastery. Initially, a wooden church was built in Shadrinsk in the name of the Holy Archangel Michael of God. The time of its foundation with accuracy is unknown, one can only assume that it coincides with the foundation of the city itself. The expansion of the city and the increase in its population caused the need to replace the wooden church – a new, more extensive, stone, renamed, together with the construction of Shadrinskaya settlement in the city, the cathedral.

The architectural style of the cathedral, consisting of the main church, an apse, two adjoining churches and a bell tower (now lost), art critics refer to Ukrainian baroque not without the influence of Russian architecture. The main temple is a quarter, smoothly turning into eight cave roof.

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